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The Minimalist: Viledas robotic vacuum cleaning robot in the test

The Minimalist: Viledas robotic vacuum cleaning robot in the test

Although everyone should associate with the brand Vileda mops and cloths is not to find a wiping function in the Cleaning Robot of the manufacturer. Only vacuuming part of the repertoire of the little red robot. This, however, he can well and is incredibly cheap.

 Vileda Cleaning Robot: Affordable - from just 129 Euros is the robotic vacuum Vileda found on the net (Picture. : net world)
Already from 129th EUR is the robotic vacuum Vileda found on the net. (Picture: net world)

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The Cleaning Robot M-488A Vileda made in the test for a little surprise: despite its unprecedented low price of just 130 euros at Amazon, he does not fall down the stairs - in front of him to protect his infrared sensors - yet he leaves behind unpleasant scent clouds, which in nearest competitor by Pearl certainly was the case. After a few minutes in the test track of the robotic vacuum cleaner so has had some pluses.

But not only the faulty Glossy Ibis product must be measured, the automatic vacuum cleaner. Finally, it is essential to be able to avoid stairs and to be processed from a non-smelly material. To be able to recommend itself, the device must offer something more then that. It may be anticipated: For 130 euros users of course do not get the Vileda Cleaning Robot a lot, but at the low price everything.

Vileda Cleaning Robot in the test


The missing

Example, when robotic vacuum lacks a remote control that would keep the user from getting to crawl under sofas and cabinets, if the Cleaning Robot itself should get stuck there. The capacity of the internal battery is the manufacturer with 1,700 mAh. This is just enough to try all three Saugmodi the ro bot once. To load the Vileda model needs via the supplied AC adapter four to five hours.

In addition, the Cleaning Robot has no charging, to which he could return independently. If the user can suck the robotic vacuum cleaner in his absence, so he needs him once after his return home search because the vacuum cleaner does not return to its starting point. Also program the device can not be Vileda. Anyone who wants to escape the quite considerable background noise of 78 dB (A), the robot has to start so if he leaves the house.


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